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Power Plant

With increasing in power demand, Distributed Generation (DG) plants are more attractive for power utility companies and private companies to invest on the development and implementation of DG. Rasmara is a preferred partner to these companies in order to use experience of Rasmara for optimization projects’ cost, increasing efficient, and supporting them in a vast range of projects. These projects are gas turbine power plants, gas engine power plants, and solar power plants . Rasmara joins with some reputable suppliers to supply adequate equipment for each plant. Rasmara team propose the best solution for any DG projects with the scrutinized view on engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning as well as propose the best solution on customer’s satisfaction and customer’s priorities.

Electrical Substation

Rasmara is in top level of turn-key contractor to propose the reliable solution for electrical substation projects. The wide ranges of voltage level in electrical substations are covered by activities of Rasmara. Rasmara covers all electrical substation projects not only in air insulation switchgear (AIS) type but also in gas insulation switchgear (GIS) type. The voltage levels of these substations are 400kv, 230kv, 132kv and 63kv, and also Rasmara works as EPC contractor for switchgear substations up to 33kv. Rasmara assists its clients to expand capacity or extend the life of existing assets in substations. Our experienced consultants can help them to plan, forecast, expand, diversify, and reduce costs in any type of the electrical substation projects.

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Transmission and Distribution Lines

Rasmara is a famous contactor in the fields of distribution lines and transmission overhead lines up to 400kv. For this aim, Rasmara has experiance in designing, buying, and constructing of all type of transmission and distribution lines projects. main goal of Rasmara in these projects is to respect of the project time schedule and having fast progress in order to cost optimization for its clients. Rasmara uses some reputable engineering team for designing, uses some famous tower vendors for supplying and uses some skilled construction team for building for any type of transmission over head line projects. All types of transmission lines include lattice and/or pole tower, single and/or double circuit, bundled and/or un-bundled and steel type and/or cement type tower are existing in Rasmara experience.