From our track Record over three decades, we pride ourselves as a trusted organization in providing diverse services to our clients in a single or combined package of:

Rasmara engineering team has the practical experience, technical background, and specialized tools necessary to meet owner specifications and government regulations. Rasmara engineering management covers the entire spectrum of engineering services, ranging from basic and detailed engineering to construction supervision and project commissioning. Rasmara ensures the highest quality standards by combining advanced technology with extensive knowledge and experience.
Rasmara engineering departments comprise all the disciplines required for all stages of engineering and design, engineering procurement services, as well as site engineering services related to the design and execution of industrial projects. Rasmara engineering departments are organized in as follows: process, mechanical (fixed & rotary devices), piping & plant design, civil & structure, electrical, instrumentation & control, safety, and drafting. based on requirements of a project, Rasmara utilizes some of reputable consultants for some of huge and complicated projects.

Rasmara procurement policy is focused on purchasing the adequate material from among reliable and reputable suppliers. These suppliers, such as any foreign and/or local vendors, can be able to utilize any specified materials and equipment for particular tasks.

Rasmara purchasing activities include all banking related activities and shipping arrangements. Rasmara shipment team is the interface among a logistic department, a buying department, suppliers, and also it coordinates and monitors the movements of materials and equipment from the suppliers site to the working site.

Rasmara uses adequate engineering knowledge, appropriate construction machinery and facilities, qualified personnel for construction and erection of integrated plants, such as those in oil & gas and petrochemical sectors. Rasmara advanced management and planning help to meet quality, time, and budget constraints. The blend of professional commitment, technical skill, and management practice, together with the experience of how to develop project, is what Rasmara brings to the development of successful projects.

Team working action of Rasmara skilled technicians and engineers is caused to not only simplify the construction of various structures with high quality and with high complexity but also keep projects time schedule and engineering precision.

Rasmara has professional project managers which are consist of expert engineers team. they develop each project plan to activity and resource planning, organizing and motivating a project team, controlling time management, cost estimating and developing the budget, ensuring customer satisfaction, analyzing and managing project risk, monitoring progress, managing reports and necessary documentation.

Rasmara is fully capable to provide pre-commissioning & commissioning services for the plants & machinery to seamlessly complete the most important and final phase of EPC value chain. This service also includes demonstration of performance tests and training of customer’s operators.

Rasmara offers to co-invest in projects, allowing clients to acquire facilities with limited capital investment. Rasmara also recognizes and introduces investors, and participates in projects financing. With over 20 years of experience, Rasmara compiles financial models for projects execution; obtains financing proposal from local & overseas sources; arranges negotiations and takes necessary measures until the result acquisition; and recognizes financing sources with the least cost and the best conditions as to guarantee the payment duration and repayment of risks.