Baba Hossein Bridge Oil Pumping Station

//Baba Hossein Bridge Oil Pumping Station
Baba Hossein Bridge Oil Pumping Station2019-01-30T09:05:56+03:30

Project Description

  • Year: 2002

  • Client: Iranian Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company

  • Services: C

  • Location: Lorestan, Iran

Scope of Contract

Supplying equipment and material, rehabilitation of operating oil and gasoline station including disassembling of old equipment, installation of panels, transformers, control valves and instrument equipment, connection between equipment and panels and correction of the existence system, implementation electrical division of operating electrical system, running DCS, ESD and PLCs control systems. Completion the required tests, calibration and commissioning.

Brief Description of Plant

Oil and gasoline pumping stations are used to transfer liquid oil material from south ports to other cities. Since the equipment of oil and gasoline pumping station of Baba Hossein Bridge were being used for a long time, renovation of the equipment was necessary in all parts of the plant. The renovation was done while the plant was operating. Disassembling and assembling of instruments and equipment were done by Rasmara.

Project Details