Qeshm Power Plant Fuel Gas Package

//Qeshm Power Plant Fuel Gas Package
Qeshm Power Plant Fuel Gas Package2019-02-05T17:57:24+03:30

Project Description

  • Year: 2018

  • Client: IOOC

  • Services: EPC

  • Location: Qeshm Island, Iran

Scope of Contract

Fuel gas package is the gas conditioning process to deliver fuel gas to some level of cleanness and pressure and temperature to meet with operating and design criteria of the main Gas user (Gas Turbine/GT). This process is necessary to ensure that aerosol, free water condensation, and solid particles will not present in the gas transmission or distribution systems to the main users. The Fuel Gas Package is divided into 5 sections: emergency shutdown valve, Knock Out drum, gas filter separator, fuel gas heater, pressure reduction system for the Fuel Gas Package at 50 Mw Qeshm Power Plant.