Persian Gulf Star Refinery Electrical Equipment

//Persian Gulf Star Refinery Electrical Equipment
Persian Gulf Star Refinery Electrical Equipment2019-02-20T11:02:56+03:30

Project Description

  • Year: 2014

  • Client: Farab / Nardis /  PGSOC

  • Services: C

  • Location: Bandar Abbas

Scope of Contract

  • Installation, cabling, pre-commissioning, commissioning and cooperation in commissioning of electrical equipment of Persian Gulf Star Oil Refinery
  • Installation of LV panels (containing 800 MV cells), power transformers, UPS cables trays and ladders, batteries, and conduits
  • Implementation of cabling (approximately 764 Km)
  • Implementation of lighting systems, earthing systems, bus ducts
MV Switchgears 20, 11 and 6 KV 250 Cell
LV Switchgears Motor Control Centers 500 Cell
Power Transformer Up to 50 MVA 26 Set
Distribution Transformer 56 Set
Power Cabling 622 Km
Instrument Cabling 78 Km
Lighting Cabling 56 Km
Earthing cabling 8 km
UPS & DC Charger System 50 No
Cable Tray 10 Km
Cable Ladder 30,000 Meter
LV Bus Duct 300 Meter

Project Details