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Rasmara Industrial Group Company

Rasmara Company was founded in August 1996 with aim of achieving independency, enrichment and development in industrial capabilities of the country; has designed, managed, and performed many projects in various industries. With over 25 years of experience in local and international markets, Rasmara is currently one of Iran’s pioneering EPC contractors; providing engineering, procurement, and construction services in civil, mechanical, piping, and electrical disciplines. Rasmara is not only being recognized as an EPC contactor but also has invaluable experiences to perform technical projects in field of industrial automation(DCS, ESD, F&G, PDCS, and PMS) systems and instrumentation with world-class technologies.

Rasmara covers with its projects several industrial sectors; such as power generation, Oil & Gas utilities, mining and steel industry utilities, water industry, as well as railways and subway utilities.

In addition to providing its services for local and international clients, Rasmara intends to be partner with international companies for local and international projects.

Contact our experts to start collaborating with us!
Contact our experts to start collaborating with us!

Today, being backed by the most elaborate engineering structure in Iran and technical supports of the most prominent enterprises, Rasmara has extended its competences and travels fast forward to success by passing through the runway of its clients satisfaction.

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