Abshirin & Sirjan Gas Compressor Stations (IGAT) PMS System

//Abshirin & Sirjan Gas Compressor Stations (IGAT) PMS System
Abshirin & Sirjan Gas Compressor Stations (IGAT) PMS System2019-10-22T18:39:26+03:30

Project Description

  • Year: 2002

  • Client: Electro Kavir Co. (EKC) / ITOK

  • Services: PC

  • Location: Kerman, Iran

Scope of Contract

Design & manufacture of  PDCS systems, including  software, hardware, and panels for two PMS systems

Main activities

Sirjan and Ab-Shirin Gas Pressure Stations are located across the IGAT-III gas line to boost pressure and also transfer gas from the south to the north. The above system is designed and manufactured to manage the control and display systems of power and post parameters including control systems of MV & LV switchgear, the diesel generator, the UPS, etc. The system specifications are as follows:

System Type SIEMENS SIMATIC  CPU 315-DP and S7-300 Series
Programming SIMATIC Step7,WinCC
Stations 1 ES/OS Stations
Network Ethernet , Profibus-DP, Modbus
Physical Layer Electrical
Number of  I/Os 180  I/Os with 1 Control Panels for each Station
Scope Engineering, Programing, Manufacturing and Commissioning