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Engineering Services

As a part of the flexible business model, Rasmara is offering services by a network of high skilled and well experienced engineers through a wide range of capabilities, from process engineering to detailed design. Rasmara through all its operating departments has its own expertise and competency in implementation, installation and commissioning in the following segments:

Electrical Engineering

Grids, Power plants, Substations, Switchgears, Transmission and Distribution protection, Subway Electrical systems

Control and Automation Systems

DCS, ESD and SCADA, PDCS, PMS, EMCS, EMS and BMS, Railway and Subway Signaling Systems


LAN & WAN networks, IPTV, Firefighting and security, Monitoring, Audio and Telephone Systems

Mechanical Engineering

Machinery, Piping and fittings, Instrumentation, Rotating Equipment, and so on.


Rasmara’s Procurement platform which benefits from an up-to-date network of high-quality equipment vendors and eminent brands, has the capacity to satisfy the entire spectrum of client requirements not only on the economical evaluation basis but also relying on a sensitive, selective and objective assessment of supplying fitness from Technical advantages to Quality assurance, punctuality and finally being concerned regarding to the environment.


Innovation is one of the prime areas of competitive advantage for Rasmara. We continuously strengthen the R&D activities and the range of exclusive pioneering technologies in order to improve our position as a technology provider to the substantial industries. We also stay competitive by investing in people via training to improve in all levels, from engineering, planning, and customer service to management level.

EPC Projects